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Michael Baws
September 7, 2006

Try the Alexander technique to spot a tasty mushroom

Author Alexander Schwab has taken a simple approach. He argues that there is no need to know loads of technical Latin words, nor do you have to be able to identify dozens of tasteless or poisonous mushroom which you won't want to eat anyway...


Tom Fort
September 15, 2006

The joy of ceps

There are many mushroom books and most of them are marvellous in their way. But the general approach is to include the inedible and the poisonous along with the good. In Mushrooming Without Fear, Alex has adopted a different method. He covers only the good...

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September 16, 2006

Taking the fear out of our fungi

There are some beautifully produced books including about 1000 mushrooms and fungi which are not edible or are not good to eat and are poisonous. But in his book Alex comes at it from the other direction and concentrates on positive identification...

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September 20, 2006

Read Brian Viner's column as a PDF here


September 22, 2006

Pick of the Picture Books

Could this be the most useful book of the decade? Alexander Schwab’s Mushrooming Without Fear (Merlin Unwin, £14.99) does exactly what it says on the tin, and it might even help replace those tins with much more mouth-watering meals composed of trumpet chanterelles, horns of plenty, penny bun boletes or the wonderful, steak-like puffball. Schwab pictures and explains the edible fungi that grow in Britain, tells you where to find them and what to do with them, and – most crucially - sets out the rules for avoiding their toxic cousins. The basic principle here is ‘never, never take a mushroom with gills’. But how to distinguish with confidence a gill from a ridge? That’s why you need this book…


Rupert Uloth
October 5, 2006

Mushrooming? No fear!

...Therefore I let out a yelp of joy when I spotted Alexander Schwab's latest book Mushrooming Without Fear. Now that we are entering the mushroom season with a vengeance, it is just the sort of morale boost I needed.


October 2006

Fearless forays

If last month's Country & Border Life fungi feature whetted your appetite for all things mushroomy, but you've yet to pluck up the courage to venture into the woods, perhaps this is the book to give you the added push you need to get hunting.


Myles McWeeney
September 26, 2006

How to go wild abot mushrooms

A new book, Mushrooming Without Fear, by Alexander Schwab, sets out to take the fear and doubt out of mushrooming. It is beautifully illustrated, with reams of close-up full-colour photographs that will help the anxious mushroomers identify the safe fungi...