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Picture credits & acknowledgements

Photographer: Frank Moser

Link: www.frank-moser.de

54: Parasol cut in the middle, 58: shaggy parasol cut in middle, 63: bottom left oyster mushroom, 64: top two oyster mushrooms, 78: charcoal burners, 91: sheated woodtuft, page 96: cep, 131: orange birch bolete, 141: top picture trumpet chanterelle,177: horn of plenty (in US edition: 42 wood blewit bottom right, page 44 wood blewit)

Photographer: Klaus Bornstedt

Link: www.klaus-bornstedt.de

51: top parasol, 69: bottom St. George's mushroom, 71: bottom St. George's mushroom, 87: middle sheated woodtuft, 90: bottom sheated woodtuft.

Photographer: Roberto Fernandez

68: St. George's mushroom, 69: top two St. George's mushrooms, 71: top St. george's mushroom.

Photographer: Hans Bister

Link: http://www.pbase.com/bister

Photographer: Thomas Beer

115: bottom right larch bolete

I wish to thank Kerstin Kolbe for her advice and support.

Additionally in US edition:

Photographer: Josef Lubomir Hlasek

69: St George's mushroom (top and bottom picture).
Link: http://www.hlasek.com

Photographer: Mike Dodd

56: Shaggy parasol
68: fairy ring St George's mushroom.
Link: http://www.amanita-photolibrary.co.uk

Photographer: Sepp Keller

162: Common puffball (top picture)

Photographer: Jaroslav Maly

79: Charcoal burner. Link: http://www.naturephoto-cz.com

114: Larch bolete (bottom picture)

Photographer Harry Regin

115: Larch bolete (top picture). Link: http://www.pilzfotopage.de

Photographer: Gerd Rossen

100: Red cracked bolete (top and bottom picture).
Link: http://www.naturfotografie-digital.de

Photographer: Franz Schmitzhofer

162: Common puffball (bottom picture)