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Olive oil is great. I love it and I couldn't live without it. Olive oil and mushrooms are as a rule not a good idea. The olive oil overpowers the mushroom taste. Some recipes include wild mushrooms and bacon. That probably is the ultimate culinary crime.

The cover girl is Elfrid, the publisher's daughter and I won't disclose phone number or address, so don't ask.

Some conventional mushroom identification books recommend not to take mushrooms with red tubes and list the dotted stemmed bolete as poisonous. The fact is that the dotted stemmed bolete is certainly not poisonous when cooked and rule number 8 in Mushrooming Without Fear says clearly "Never, never eat wild mushrooms raw." The dotted stemmed bolete is cooked 100% safe, easy to identify and of great culinary value. Follow the Mushrooming Without Fear to the letter and there will be no problem.

They are. From Norway down to Sicily you'll find the species featured in the book. In fact they are the same the world over wherever there are mushrooms. There are, for example, oaks on the bank notes in Cuba. So should you find sth. that looks like a cep and grows under an oak tree in Cuba it is a cep.