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Cep easy

What you need

200g of unsalted butter
A handful of fresh or frozen cep

What you do

Heat the butter until butter bubbles and sizzles
Add the deep frozen cep
Turn the frozen cep in the sizzling butter various times until the frozen together mushrooms come apart. Gently fry fresh cep for 2 - 3 minutes. Important: the butter must not turn brown!
Serve cep on small plates with chives and a little butter. Add salt to taste.

Cep butter

Pour the remaining butter into a tupperware box or ice cube tray and deep freeze. Use butter to slowly (!) fry an entrecôte or a filet. Again the butter must not turn brown. Add cep butter to pasta or rice.
You can, of course, likewise make butter with deep frozen or fresh horn of plenty or the cauliflower mushroom because they too have a lovely distinct taste.