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The conventional approach to mushroom identification is sth. like "First learn to recognize the poisonous species, and be absolutely sure of your identification". This is nonsense - there are thousands of poisonous, inedible and tasteless species. Why learn about them? You don't want to eat them anyway! The positive method in Mushrooming Without Fear and Mushrooming With Confidence shows you how to positively identify the best mushrooms. "Edible" in conventional mushroom books means "not poisonous" and usually also "tasteless".

Quality not quantity is the message in:

Mushrooming Without Fear features the best mushrooms with tubes, spines and ridges.

Mushrooming With Confidence extends the positive method to the best mushrooms with gills.

There are no other mushroom identification books which cover each species in such detail. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about identifying and cooking mushrooms. I wish you successfull mushroom hunting and all the best.